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Downton Abbey Single Ladies: Season 1, 2, 3

alternative title: Edith’s gettin’ real tired of your bullsh*t.

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As many of you know, I am departing for the hallowed lecture halls of St Andrews this week (t-minus 4 days to be exact). As many of you may also know, I made a similar pilgrimage last year that ended in badbrains, seizures, and medical leave. We are hoping to prevent such an epic farce of executive function and dopamine fluctuation this time. Since the discharge paperwork declares me 60% disabled (read: unable to live independently without assistance), academic accommodations are in order. Just have to keep Circadian rhythm sorted and take epilepsy meds. Classes commence soon-ish, and this must be sussed out beforehand. 

Biology, geology, Russian, and Gaelic, with intermittent trips to the gym and mixed martial arts training. I shall comport myself accordingly—with vim and vigour! (L o l.) Like a good golden retriever who intends to one day conduct herself as a Fully Functional Adult. Congratulations, your protoplasmic blob has evolved into something passing as human (with muscle definition). Time should be divided between my flat, the library, the gym, this one lunch place that served really good soup and sold Scottish chotchkies, and the science campus for lectures and labs. Hopefully I’ll have enough friends for some social excursions, at least when the sci-fi society meets/ceilidhs happen/the MMA club has sparring sessions. Optimistically there will also be time for music and KBI development/OSotM series stuff. Um. The point of all this is that I really really really won’t be on as much—

of course I’ll pop round every now and again to answer messages, discuss the minutiae of cult media, reset the queue, keep house, etc. However, I WILL BE RELOCATING TO A NEW BLOG. Message me for the URL if I don’t send it to you automatically, or, you know, just like the post.


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Éiníní, éiníní, codalaígí, codalaígí.

Curfá: Codalaígí, codalaígí, cois an chlaí amuigh.

An londubh is an fiach dubh, téigí a chodladh, an chéirseach is an préachan, téigí a chodladh.

An spideog is an fhuiseog, téigí a chodladh, an dreoilín is an smóilín, téigí a chodladh.

“I think that’s the only thing that gets him to sleep… And I don’t even know what it all means,”

“It’s a lullaby me Mam used t’ sing t’ me. It’s basically saying all little birds need t’ go t’ sleep,” he said. 

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Lissie - Go Your Own Way (cover)

This is probably my favorite (well, second favorite) Fleetwood Mac cover, which is saying something because this is my favorite FM song. Lissie has an amazing voice, and even though she didn’t change the song that much, I love all the little changes. It’s sweet, but it still has the same heart and grittiness as the original.

In the current climate, the extreme right wing of the party is targeting anyone who doesn’t meet its strict criteria. Its new and narrow litmus test for party membership doesn’t allow compromise.

Thank you for that editorial, sir. Your desire to weaken government safety nets and strengthen an already abundantly funded military makes me sad, as does your worship of Reaganism, but you could be worse and I still like your films.


political philistine 

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oh god i’m crying jaimie alexander is adding a ‘female fitness perspective’ by writing articles for arnold schwarzenegger’s website and tweeting inspirational things about healthy habits ;________;

she is just

the best damn role model


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Oh, that’s just the first black woman in space meeting the first black woman in space.


Oh, that’s just the first black woman in space meeting the first black woman in space.

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